Vintage ravers, modern filmmakers, passionate story-tellers and ardent music lovers. 91 Productions leans on its unrivalled access to the music industry to create compelling and creative documentarian based content for TV, film and emerging formats.

91 Productions was set up in 2017 by Emily Chapman to fuel a life-long passion for music, borne from the free-spirited, hedonistic, acid-house period of the late 80’s/early 90’s.


Current projects include Flush (short film), REWIND. The ABODE Project Documentary,  Passport to Hell (working title) (feature film), The Decade that Danced (documentary) and The Man Who Brought House Music to Britain (series).

We’re always open to collaboration so please, if you’ve got a script or a story that fits with the essence of what 91 Productions is about, get in touch.


People and partners are key to the delivery of all 91 productions. Partners include:

World Films and Music – a registered CIC (Community Interest Company) that strives to improve equality, unity, understanding, peace, and opportunity for all through innovative social enterprise involving world music and film.

Loud Monkey – a creative media production company, producing video and animation content for TV and online broadcast.