FLUSH - The Inspiration

Flush is the first film I’ve written and produced and a story which whilst not auto-biographical, is inspired by one of my very best friends and one of the most special people in my life, Helen.

Set in the early 90’s rave scene, a very special time for me, Flush is the story of party-loving, over indulging, lost in life, Zoe and beautiful, sweet, kind-hearted soul, Emma. Both are keen to escape different tortures in their lives. Zoe isn’t as conscious of her tortures as Emma is but through their friendship, she becomes aware of them and over the course of one night in a nightclub toilet, their friendship is cemented.

To be clear, the content is NOT inspired directly by Helen but the life-changing friendship is. She changed my life the minute I met her back in 1996. We both lived in Tenerife, she’s Spanish so it was her home, I was looking for somewhere to escape to and I found it there. Over the course of the next four years, we shared some of the greatest times – namely Carnival (Tenerife’s annual carnival is infamous) but the real strength came, and still comes, from just knowing she is there no matter what, even though we now live thousands of miles away.

The character of Steve in Flush is entirely fictional, in contrast Helen’s husband is as big a part of my life as she is. Even now, whilst I left the island many years ago, I try to get back at least once a year – just a few days spent with them both restore my faith in humanity and reassure me how very lucky I am.

I have, like most women my age, spent a huge number of hours in club toilets over the years and whilst I didn’t meet Helen in one, I liked the idea of basing Flush in one as I felt many people, men included (who have spent many hours waiting for us to come out of them!), can relate to it.

She won’t like that I’ve written this about her, she won’t like the recognition, which says it all. The picture is of Helen before I met her, back in the late 80’s as the dance scene kicked off in the UK (she lived in the UK at the time) and represents everything I love about her. Enjoying every second of life, smiling and dancing as the rest of the room look on in awe.

Her friendship is endless, selfless and priceless and I’m lucky I get to call her one of my very best friends.

Em – 91 Productions


Still Image from FLUSH Film inside toilets
Still image of FLUSH Film camera and sound crew
Still Image from FLUSH Film outside location
Still Image from FLUSH Film camera close up