Passport To Hell (working title)

Based on the best-selling auto-biography, Passport to Hell, this is the true story of party-loving teen raver and English holidaymaker, Theresa Daniels, who, having left the UK for a summer of fun in the Tenerife sunshine, was groomed by her boss and caught up in the middle of a multi-million pound cocaine smuggling ordeal in Spain. After eventually being cleared of any charges, she retuned home shaken, assuming the nightmare was over – but her troubles had only just begun.

Five years after her ordeal, Terry awoke one morning to find anti-terrorist police breaking down her door and in an inexplicably cruel twist of fate, was sentenced to ten years in a maximum security Spanish prison. After three years in Spain’s toughest prisons, Terry was flown back to the UK to serve the remainder of her sentence there.

With the support of John Bercow (Speaker in House of Commons) Terry was eventually released in 2009 and ‘partially’ pardoned by the King of Spain however, despite her 14 year ordeal, the biggest challenge of her life was yet to come.

Two years after her release, driven by an unprecedented level of guilt, no prison sentence could prepare her for the mental challenges she was about to face. Her mental sentence, like her licence, is for life but she is learning to cope. The incredible party-loving, beautiful spirit and zest for life that was built on Acid House culture, is still there, albeit a little tainted and her love for the island that ‘groomed’ her is testament to her incredible character.

Passport to Hell (working title) is the hard-hitting true story of Terry’s fight for justice and the eye-opening account of an ordinary, innocent teenager borne of the second ‘summer of love’ in the UK, who went off to party in the sun in Tenerife and ended up fighting for her freedom, inside.